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Dear Friends Of Happy Trails,

We have a little bit of everything to share this week, so....


Meet Theodore the mini-horse (charges pending against his owner)

37 cockfighting roosters from Cleveland Animal Control are recovering at Happy Trails.

- Read more on the story in the column of reporter, Donna Miller http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2013/03/roosters_rescued_from_cockfigh.html

Donna covers a really wide variety of animal topics in her animal column in the Plain Dealer. Please let her know how much we appreciate the fact that the Plain Dealer addresses animal issues, and email her a note of appreciate at DJMILLER@PLAIND.COM.

The Healthy and Humane Observer is a fantastic new magazine based in the Cleveland area thanks to Gia Campola. Definitely check out all the articles, but of course pay special attention to this link and read about Happy Trails at http://www.healthyandhumaneobserver.com/read/2013/03/14/happy-trails

This past week we said our fond farewells to several ducks and the usually-misunderstood Francis the goose. They now live at a truly beautiful and safe home, with a completely fenced pond and their very own lake-front cottage.  Their feathered-friends cottage features a ceiling fan, screen doors for summer, and lace curtains. So there.

Along with the good news, comes the many needs of Happy Trails. On Wednesday, we discovered two turkeys who were being treated with medication, were still having a very difficult time breathing. Marge was laying against the wall with her eye closed, looking miserable. Detective Stabler was attempting to move, but  his one leg is having a hard time holding up his enormous frame (thanks to modern day genetic manipulation to make these birds as large as possible in a short amount of time).  During this time we noticed that Baloo, a pretty gray and white duck, was shaking. When we picked him up, we were able to see a terribly swollen ankle. Right before we went into the feathered friends barn, we had discovered that Miles, one of our black and white barn cats, was wheezing, had mucus coming out of his nose and sounded very congested. A short time later I noticed that Princeton, a handsome Standardbred gelding, had the look of a horse that did not feel well. He was hanging his head down with his eyes partially closed. He did not look happy.

On Thursday, Aladdin the pot belly pig was extremely lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink, and wasn't his usual cranky self. He was taken to Metro Animal Hospital in Copley for an examination and treatment. Right after this, we found Roy, a Standardbred gelding, with a nasal discharge and standing near the gate to come back into the barn. He hadn't moved away from that spot for a very long time.

SO....Miles went to the cat vet, got medication for upper respiratory, and returned to the sanctuary.

Marge and Detective Stabler, the turkeys, are still at Barberton Veterinary Clinic under observation and on medication.

Baloo the duck is still at Barberton Veterinary Clinic and is being treated for his swollen ankle.

Dr. Randy Alger of Alger Vet Clinic made a farm call on Wednesday to examine Princeton, and determined that he had some colic symptoms. The horse was treated with Banamine and appears to be feeling much better now.

Aladdin returned to Happy Trails from Metro Hospital and in on medication, but he is still not out of the woods yet.

In the meantime, Dr. Alex Mullen with Cleveland Equine made a farm call to examine Roy. Blood was drawn for some blood tests, and we should have the result of those soon.               

Good grief. Back to...when it rains it pours.

Usually with spring comes extreme fluctuations in temperatures, pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, and an assortment of seasonal-related health issues.  To help Happy Trails with our mounting veterinary expenses, tax-deductible donations can be made to: Happy Trails, 5623 New Milford Rd., Ravenna, Ohio 44266; or via PayPal on-line through our website at www.happytrailsfarm.org; or by calling our office  at 330-296-5914 with a charge card donation.

Many thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. Our work is made possible through private donations.

With Kindness and compassion for all animals,



Annette Fisher

Executive Director

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc.




Donations can be made through PayPal. Your donation is tax deductible.

I would also like to ask for "silent auction" type donations for Happy Trails for an upcoming "Casino Night"being held off site and the profits from which are being donated to Happy Trails.  Contact me, if you have any appropriate donations, and I will happy to pick up the items from you.(gcampola@yahoo.com)  The deadline is 4/18.  I and Happy Trails thank you!   And I thank Happy Trails on behalf of all the animals they care for, protect and save. 


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