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Roasted Tomatoes with Angel Hair Pasta

1  pint Cherry tomatoes                                    cut in half lengthwise

1  lg. Yellow pepper                                          cut into 1/2” slices

1  lg. Broccoli crown                                        cut into med. Size floweretts

1  lg. Onion  -  any color                                   cut into 1/2” thick pieces

1  8oz. Package Mushrooms                             cut in half

4-6  Cloves garlic                                             cut in half if large

3-4  Tbs. Olive Oil

2  tsp. Italian Seasoning            1+1/2  tsp. Salt ¾  tsp. Pepper  fresh ground

Fresh Basil   If you possible.

½  lb. Angel Hair Pasta                         cooked Aldente in salted water

            Mix all veggies in glass or metal bowl with Olive oil.  Make sure everything is coated, veg. will be shiny.  Line 2 jelly roll pans with heavy duty foil.  Spread all onto lined pans.  Be sure to get all the juices and seasonings from bowl.  Turn tomatoes cut side up. Arrange for air to circulate for better browning.  Drizzle a bit more Olive Oil over tomatoes and broccoli.    Roast  at  375 for 25 – 30  min.

Check after 25 min. Onions and garlic tend to burn quickly, that's OK, it adds much flavor. Tomatoes are done when flat and a bit darker in color. 

            When veggies are done start pasta.  Do not overcook or drain water.  Meanwhile in a large non stick frying pan heat  and add veggies and ALL drippings from  roasting pan.. Add pasta using a spider so there is a bit of pasta water in pan.  Gently toss adding a drizzle of oil  1-2 Tbs. more.   If mix looks dry, add a little of the salted pasta water.  Heating this in pan helps bring pasta and veggies together.  This step only takes a few min.  It is important.  Don't over mix or it will be mushy.   Plate up, grate fresh Parmesan over the top and enjoy.  I usually drizzle more Olive Oil on each dish.

            Try this and adjust according to taste.  We love this in summer when our veg. are fresh from garden, especially zucchini, sugar pea pods and yellow squash.  Variations are limitless. Carrots cut into matchstick size are really sweet. Green beans or asparagus are another flavor.  Just remember that ALL veggies cook/roast differently, so mix accordingly.  Use different pans for different veggies and try different seasonings. No matter what you use, if there is Olive Oil, salt and pepper when roasted it's delicious.  If the kids help, they may eat more. Be sure to use their favorites.  My grandson wants this almost every Sunday.  He now is 12 and has been prepping  these veggies for the past few years.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 5:58 PM, 04.10.2013