Perfect Meals from Plant Perfection

TuNO Noodles (glutten free option)

At the Plant Perfection Foods kitchen we prepare whole food,
vegan frozen meals. We then deliver those meals to your home
or restaurant. We make comfort foods - soups, stews, and
curry dishes which are carefully seasoned to be delicious and
good for you.
Most of the food industry makes convenience food with one
thought in mind – to get their customers to consume as much
of their food as possible while maximizing profit. To achieve
this they add three highly addictive, low cost ingredients to
everything they make – sugar, salt and fat. They also create
artificial ingredients in the laboratory to make their food even
more addictive. So, although their food may fill us up it is not
contributing to our optimal health.
We started Plant Perfection Foods with one thought in mind -
to provide truly healthy, natural, delicious, and convenient food
to people who want to take control of their health. We make
quality vegan convenience foods, without added sugar, salt or
fat, priced less than the cost of most fast food meals. All our
meals are made from fresh whole plants with no artificial
ingredients. Everything we make is gluten free and spiced
your way.
We think you'll find our meals convenient, affordable and
delicious. We hope we can help you make healthy choices
when you need to have something on the table quickly. What's
easier than having meals waiting for you at the end of a long
day? It's almost like having a personal chef. All our products
are online at

Cherie Dover Perkins, owner of Plant Perfection, is very conscientious regarding the quality of each and every meal she prepares. She cares for her customer's health, and is very mindful of budgets.   She provides quality, delicious products at affordable prices.  AND nothing could be more convenient!  Please support this wonderful, locally owned and unique business. 

Please visit Cherie's site for menus, pricing, delivery and further information:

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