Red Rover, Red Rover

“Red Rover, Red Rover, let pet overpopulation be over.” If solving the unwanted pet problem were only as easy as chanting a nursery rhyme. Sadly, millions of unwanted companions are killed in our shelters every year. Many factors lead to animals ending up in county shelters - unwanted litters, inability to afford care, lack of education on the owner’s part in how to deal with behavior issues, & the list goes on.  It is a huge problem which requires a community partnership in working together to address all the issues.

Enter Project Red Rover. This is a new fundraising program created by Cleveland Hts resident Anya Todd, a vegan, animal advocate and director of Mid-Ohio Animal Welfare League, which is an volunteer-run organization which helps bring low-cost spay/neuter services into communities as well as fosters unwanted companions when able. With so many organizations in need of funds these days, Anya is always trying to think of creative ways to raise money for the animals. As a fan of the Teal Cat Project, which upcycles a limited number of donated ceramic & porcelain cat figurines by painting them in teal to raise funds for cat rescue groups, Anya thought the same idea could easily translate to dogs.

Healthy and Humane supports both of these proects, and hopes you will too!

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 5:19 PM, 04.10.2013