A Note from the Publisher and Editor

A community working together



The publisher of the Healthy and Humane Observer, John Copic and I, Gia Campola, editor in chief, would like to inform our readers that we are attempting to obtain a 501C3 status and become a nonprofit organization.  We support grassroots movements and feel that becoming a grassroots foundation is more appropriate for this endeavor. We hope that by doing so we can obtain grants and donations that will help us focus more on the quality, type and amount of the paper’s content. We want to address all of our reader’s submissions and requests. We also hope that grant funding and donations will enable us to reach more readers and spread the paper’s information to an even larger community.  We greatly appreciate the support and encouragement of our readers and contributors thus far, and value all of your input.  Thank you to the community that is so supportive of The Healthy and Humane Observer for making this publication a success for us all. As a group we can promote good health, environmental sustainability, peace advocacy, the vegan movement, animal rights and equality for all.  Together, and in time,  we will make this planet a better place.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:15 PM, 05.05.2013