Tips from a Tennis Pro

Our happy amabassador of health, Mike Shiplett!



Have you ever wondered what a vegan / vegetarian food plan can do for your body, mind, and soul? The amazing effects are limitless if your mind is open to try new choices and indulge in the array of Mother Nature’s bouquet. It’s a fact that vegetables do have positive effects for a longer life, healthier skin, and protection from colds.  In my dedication to fitness, I have learned how to maximize fruits and vegetables for a healthy, active lifestyle which has extended to incredible health benefits beyond my tennis and fitness routines.

I’ve recommended that packing your lunch and a snack for each day is the way to curb binging and to control food choices. Have you ever wondered what the apple in your lunch bag does for you? Besides tasting sweet, fresh and crisp, it lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar just to name a few positives.  Remember that benefit when you take a break from your keyboard at work and bite into that apple that was sitting there smiling at you.  

There’s nothing easier than grabbing a banana and darting off for the day’s demands. What you have in your hand is Vitamin B6. Bananas will increase immunity to colds and infections and they can help reduce inflammation. It’s a famous source of potassium and it can alleviate muscle cramps. Take a look at tennis on TV. You will always see players with bananas courtside for a quick snack – a snack that protects you from the inside! Just don’t slip on the peel when you dash back on the court.

A favorite of mine is the green stalk of celery. Oh how boring, I hear it said of celery. You’ve had enough celery at every picnic or party to last you a lifetime. Well, don’t skip - this wonderful treat is a trifecta of goodness! It maintains the digestive system, can prevent gallstones and lower blood pressure. Plus it is crisp and crunchy to eat. Wash it, dice it, slice it, and decorate your plate with celery!

Grab those strawberries. Not only do they taste like a candy bar, they protect against cancer. Peel that orange and unlock the vitamin C inside. Do you crave garlic? This powerhouse can prevent blood clots and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  Garlic’s relative - the one that can make you cry when opened - the onion, can prevent heart disease.  Don’t pass on these benefits! Remember, they are all unique and amazing flavors. It’s a perfect time in your life to jump in and go veg!

Take the adventure!  Try new foods. Grab those unique veggies at the store. Don’t pass on the colorful fruits shining at you. I can’t stress this enough – go green, go leafy, get healthy! And play tennis!

Mike is a very upbeat, energetic, healthy man - always eager to lend advice to make one's life happier and healthier.  We appreciate his refreshing enthusiasm.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:20 PM, 05.05.2013