Horseless Carriage

The horseless prototype

NYCLASS is an animal advocacy organization committed to ending the inhumane practices of the NYC carriage horse industry. NYCLASS advocates for retiring the carriage horses to sanctuary, while modernizing the current industry with a clean and safe alternative to this outdated tradition - the 21st Century Horseless Carriage. Founded in 2008 by a coalition of prominent animal lovers and business leaders, NYCLASS has grown to over 100,000 supporters with activist chapters in all five boroughs. For more information, please visit, Twitter @nyclass

The owner of a Dania Beach car restoration company, Wenig is on a unique mission: harness today's technology to yesterday's nostalgia and create a horseless carriage that will replace New York's iconic — and controversial — horse-drawn buggies.  

"After doing an exhaustive, nationwide search we settled on Jason," said Allie Feldman, NYCLASS' executive director. "We picked him because he has the artistic vision to bring this replica 1909 car to life."

NYCLASS, which claims 110,000 supporters, including celebrities, politicians and animal welfare organizations, is dedicated to banishing horse buggies from New York streets. "The animals endure cruel work conditions, are killed and injured in accidents, inhale unhealthy car exhaust, cause traffic congestion and foul the roadway", Feldman said.

Her group is lobbying New York politicians — its already won over a majority of the City Council, she said — to pass a pilot program to replace the city's approximately 220 carriage horses with custom-built, electric antique replica cars.

"Most New Yorkers are ready to see this industry put out to pasture," Feldman said. "People are tired of seeing accidents happen to carriages in Midtown."

Thank you to all those at NYCLASS for their efforts to end the exploitation and abuse of horses used in the carriage ride industry.  The dedication of NYCLASS will soon pay off in the form of horses retired to sanctuaries and the advent of a new, "old", classic.  Enjoy these renderings of what is coming soon!  Thank you to all of NYC supporters as well.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 1:51 PM, 05.31.2013