Jack's Must Read and View

The China Study (TC Campbell), The World Peace Diet - Will Tuttle,  Joan Dunayer -Animal Equality,   Joan Dunayer - Why We love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows,  Melanie Joy -Prisoned Chickens,  Karen Davis - The Extended Circle,  Jon Dynne-Tyson (ed.) Out of the Jungle,  Jay Dinshah - Animal rights: Considered in Relation to Social Progress,  Henry  -Compassion, the Ultimate Ethic,  Victoria Moran - The Sexual Politics of Meat, (and also)  Living Among Meat Eaters, Carol Adams - On Their Own Terms,  Lee Hall - Comfortably Unaware,  Richard Oppenlander- Diet for a New America, John Robbins - Radical Vegetarianism, Mark Matthew Braunstein - Plant Peace Daily: Everyday Outreach for People Who Care,  Rae Sikora and JC Corcoran - Animal Factories,  Jim Mason/ Peter Singer - The Dreaded Comparison:  Human and Animal Slavery,  Marjorie Spiegal - Animal Rights and Human Obligations,  Tom Regan/ Peter Singer - The Souls of Animals, Gary Kowalski - Being Vegan: Living With Conscience, Conviction, and Compassion,  Joanne Stepaniak - Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the cattle rancher Who Won't Eat Meat,  Howard Lyman - Pleasurable Kingdom, Jonathan Balcombe - Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals, In the Absence of the Sacred-  Jerry Mander, Vegan Freak- Bob and JennaTorres, Ruby Roth-  Vegan is Love,  Sue Coe - Empty Cages, Tom Regan Man Kind?, Cleveland Amory (And when you're done with all these, relax to Finnegan's Wake !- James Joyce)!   

Films/DVD's/videos:    Gary Yourofsky's The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear (and it is), a 70 minute Youtube Vid.    Phillip Wollen Speech, Melbourne, Australia: Animals Should Be off The Menu,  Youtube Video: Meet Your Meat- narrated by Alec Baldwin-  PETA video. Peacable Kingdom: The Journey Home- Tribe of Heart, The Witness- Tribe of Heart, The Animals Film-  Victor Schonfeld, Forks Over Knives, Living in Harmony With All life- A discourse on the World Peace Diet- Will Tuttle, Vegan: For the People. For the Planet. For the Animals,  A Life Connected.org, Farm to Fridge- Mercy For Animals, Earthlings, Vegucated 

Jack McMillan is an active member on the board of the Cleveland Vegan Society, and is instrumental in bringing the VegFest to Cleveland. He has been a pioneer for animals rights for decades.  Jack is also available for vegan mentoring. We endorse his suggestions, and advise that everyone read and view his choices -conscientiously compiled -  to become a truly informed animal rights advocate. (Jack will be adding to this list along the way -there is a great deal of material available, and all worthy of reading and viewing.)  Thank you, Jack.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 1:46 PM, 05.31.2013