Radio Show Mocks Abuse of Dog

Not the first time this group has mocked animal abuse

On May 21st, three radio announcers from New Jersey 101.5 went on the air mocking and laughing at the torture and abuse of a dog named Sammy (see Sammys sad story here and please support this brave little cocker spaniel: And then went on to mock anyone who cared for the welfare of animals.
It is not the first time. 
Please see links provided in this post.  THANK YOU to for bringing this to the attention of HHO.

The radio stations FaceBook post about people who care for animals, posted after the radio show hosts made their cruel insensitive statements:

In response to being asked on Twitter about her insensitive remarks, one of the radios hosts also went on to state that animals have no feelings and cannot feel pain:
@JLNunyabusiness: @judifranco R U not aware that animals feel pain, fear, emotion just like us? Would U like 2B concreted in your own urine & feces? Starved?

Judi Francos Twitter page has since been difficult to locate, but a screen capture of what she said is here:

Just received this reply
@judifranco: @JLNunyabusiness actually they don't. But thanks for listening!!

Not surprising. Considering Judi Franco has been criticized before for her mocking commentaries of the death of her own dog:
Here is the article that specifically states that Judi Franco's husband killed their dog. It says, "Franco’s husband killed the family dog by crushing it in the sliding glass door. His name was Brady, after the Brady Bunch. After the accident, he was called “Brady Crunch.” Perhaps this should be reported.

This is NOT the first time this station has cheered on abuse. The radio hosts appear to promote the ideology that animals dont feel pain. They seem delighted in the idea of torture and this station should be shut down. An investigation should be immediately started.
stations owner here
Townsquare Media Group
240 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: (203) 861-0900
and the program directer

The FCC to make complaints:

We have also been asked to post this petition here:

A FB Like page has begun asking people to please boycott:

A FB Event has been started here to contact the Sponsors of the Radio Show:

And lastly, the Sponsors: 
We at are asking for the sponsors of the radio station to please pull your support of the radio station: New Jersey 101.5. We are asking that all listeners please contact also the owner of the station and list your complaints to them in a polite manner. We are appalled that any radio station would go on to support and encourage animal abuse. 
A List of their Sponsors is here. We would like to thank several anonymous sources for this list. PLEASE NOTE: If any of the Sponsors have pulled out their endorsement of the radio station, New Jersey 101.5, please contact us, and we WILL remove your name and give the reason that you have pulled your support and sponsorship of the radio station.
Brad Benson Hyundai ( Brad Benson is one of the highest paying sponsors)
Progressive Insurance
Heritage For The Blind
Matrix Correct
Saint Peters University Hospital
First Energy Park
Rosetta Stone
Cheeburger Cheeburger
NJ Broadcasters Association
Western Pests
Oceanfront Grand Hotel in Cape May
Deborah Heart & Lung Center
York by Johnson Controls
Big Brothers Big
Memorial Sloan-Kettering in Basking Ridge
Jiffy Lube
Spark Energy
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Red Cross
The Ad Council
Sears Roofing
Seize The
Tempur Pedic
Galaxy Toyota in Eatontown
Camel Beach Mountain Waterpark in Pennsylvania
NJ American Water
Middlesex County College
Freehold KIA
Horizon NJ Health
NJ Charter School Association
Valley National Bank
John Loman - Loman Ford KIA
NJ Chamber Of Commerce
Purity Products
Provident Bank
Fullerton Fiat in Somerville
NJ Media
Fairway Markets
Roberts & Son Salvage

Photo is courtesy of Romeo's Paws For A Cause.



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