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The energy drink. That perfectly sized, cold can in the grocery store that refreshingly holds the key to starting your engine. You want it, correct? It will give you "energy" and bring you alertness and help you to not fall asleep at your desk or on the job. Well, sure, it could lend an assist in that.  Most people are searching for "energy" and will take it in any form that is presented to them. Energy drinks are quite a creation. They are kind of a "fun time" in a can. They can taste great and they can give a lift to your mood. The caffiene simply kicks in and does the trick.

The untrained eye and the rushed-for-time purchaser may not have any idea what is going on inside that can and what the terms are referring to on the label. Shall we discuss the levels of sugar and/or sweeteners that can be used? It can be frightening to take the time to consider how much of this stuff may be contained in a drink. You will either gasp or laugh, but it should make you think twice about what you are choosing for "energy". How about one of those oversized cans that supply more than one serving? Simply recognize the sugar levels and realize what your waistline wants to do with all that wonderful white stuff before you open a tall cool one.

Mother nature has created plenty of options for "energy" and she has an entire area of the grocery store dedicated to her - the produce department. It's always the most colorful place in the store. The lettuce leafs and spinich bundles have the water mist spraying on them which can startle a shopper when it kicks on. It's also the place where the carrots are hoping you pick them and the peaches are smiling at you. Energy sources can come to you in the forms of apples, oranges, and banannas! It's really that simple and it's the superior choice for optimal health. It appears not to be the best idea to down an energy drink to jump start your favorite sporting activity, The sugar rush may affect you with various results and I've seen many of my fellow tennis competitors eliminate these beverages altogether. On the other hand, I have never seen a tennis player pass up a bananna before, during, or after a match - never.

Nothing can take the place of a smart food plan centered on fruits and vegetables. There is plenty of "energy" in the grocery store that is natural and begging for your attention. Sure, your mind may not want to consider an orange to replace that caffiene drink, but your body is requesting that. I challenge you, today, to buy a piece of fruit that visually appeals and catches your eye. I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised!

Skip the energy drinks. Bypass the cooler at the checkout. Hide from the free drink samples passed out at the stores! Meet me in the produce section. I'll show you around. I'm the guy in the all white Wimbledon tennis outfit who is happy and fit and feels good. Let's talk fruit! It's time to get some "energy" in your diet! Always go green, go leafy, get healthy! And play tennis!

Mike Shiplett

Mike Shiplett is our local happy, healthy and handsome health ambassador!

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:49 PM, 07.13.2013