Vim Vegan changing how people eat one customer at a time

Four years ago a mom, artist, wife and breast cancer survivor went on a whim and began a vegan prepared food stand at a small farmers market. Armed with not much more than cookbooks and a few ideas she didn't want to push anybody;instead she wanted to expose people to a new way to eat. A vegan diet was still new to her, but after her own exposure to literature on how our food choices impact the environment she had been on a personal mission to make a difference in the world. Kay Rolfs Massaglia (aka Vim Vegan) started with a small menu of prepared main dishes, sides, breads and desserts and has expanded to include making her own seitan for beef stroganoff. Kay is a very soft spoken, kind, but always attentive vendor who wants to know the people who buy her food. She takes the time to talk to each customer every week and it has been through those conversations she has seen many people change how they eat and several people become vegans. The line at her little stand is quite long but she will take her time discussing the latest dish and how o make conscious food choices with each customer.

What she has found is that even in a culture with a vast amount of resources on food we still have a learning curve as to what we put in our bodies. Having survived breast cancer herself, Kay is very attentive as to how much soy she puts in her body. Her dishes showcase a wide variety of cultures and popular foods such as beef stroganoff, chocolate cherry cookies, quinoa salad with kale, risotto and heavenly coconut cupcakes to name just a few. It has been through her small stand at FBC's weekly Farmers Market that she has been able to meet, discuss and expose the local community to great food withoit pesticides, GMOs, or anything processed. It's a small steps towards changing the world but one in which personal contact and passion have a huge impact.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:52 PM, 07.13.2013