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Are you feeling sluggish and run down? Endlessly tired? Do you come home from work and plop in the chair and decide you are too tired to do anything else other than reach for the remote? You are not alone. The majority of people out there feel the same way and I have one sentence of advice for you before it's too late - "Get up and MOVE!"

Many people hate to exercise or play a sport. Going to the gym can be intimidating when one is out of shape or not comfortable with the workout culture that is immediately in your face when entering the door. Gyms can be crowded places with busy patrons who hustle and tune out the world to get down to business. If the gym is not your thing, that's perfectly okay, but it still is no excuse to let your body turn to mush and to allow your energy levels to disappear into a recliner with a bag of chips. You still have a committment to your health, physique, and mind.

Have you noticed the longer you sit and reman docile, your mood sinks and you begin to imagine that you are so physicaly spent, that you can't do anything else with your day. However, when you get up and start moving around, whether it is exercise or cleaning the house or doing yard work, the body responds and you instantly feel better? Your mind may not want to mow the grass or clean the kitchen, but your body is happy it's moving around, your blood is pumping, and you are actually getting things accomplished! Your muscles are engaged, calories are being burned, the mind becomes active and focused -  and it feels good! It is certainly doing your physique a wealth of goodness.

Your mobility affects your health as you age. The less you do, the less your body may respond. It is imperative to jump start your physical life if you haven't already. If you are reading this and wondering how to begin - and you are not in any shape to begin any type of exercise program - I have the perfect suggestion to jump start your well being. Go take Lassie for a walk. Not tomorrow. Start today!

I'm sure your pet would love to walk with you and share time with you. Take your dog (or cat!) for a walk (yes, I've seen cats on leashes.) Your pet would love to spend time with you and your pet's health will benefit as well. If you don't own a pet, there is a simple solution to share your time with an animal that needs some love and fun. Volunteer at an animal rescue shelter. Go out to the animal rescue sanctuaries and help out with all of the rescued animals! There are many animals that need your help, love, and affection. Don't be surprised if you make a few friends that are goats too! In the process, you will enjoy fresh air, exercise, and an improvement in your overall health. Don't delay your health - it you don't care of of your body - it won't be there for you later in life. Smile, take a deep breath, get up, and MOVE!

Mike Shiplett

Tennis stud, surfer, Chris Isaak freak and CA wannabe.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 11:03 AM, 08.18.2013