Holidays Aren't Happy for Animals

A true animal lover, Ellie Israel.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, whatever you choose to call it, is just another day to the animals of the world.  Another day of misery because humans want to wear their coats, eat their flesh and be entertained by whatever unnatural acts animals can be forced to perform.
I was reminded of this by a simple trip to the grocery store.  I have shopped at the Giant Eagle on West Ave. in Akron for years and have been pleased that they offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan foods.  So, as I walked past the sea life section, commonly known as the sea food section but more aptly the sea dead section, I saw something moving.  A closer look brought me to a bin filled with live lobsters lying on ice.  I was horrified.  I knew that there was nothing I could do for these poor creatures so I did the next best thing.  I went to the counter and asked the woman working there how long the live lobsters would be there.  She informed me, in a somewhat apologetic manner, that she was going to cook them tonight.  I told her that if I lived near the ocean I would buy all of them and release them back to their home.  I also remarked how hypocritical it seemed to be listening to Christmas music while living beings were suffering.  I informed her that the lobsters will, in fact feel pain when they are dropped into the boiling water.  I wrote essentially the same thing on a comment card to the store manager.  Since I am only one customer of many I am sure that my comments have already been forgotten but, then again, maybe not.
And then there are the turkeys who will be brutally murdered for Christmas dinners along with the traditional Christmas goose.  Fortunately, these animals are spared the knowledge of what lies ahead for them.  I am certain that if they knew their fate they would dread the season that is purported to represent peace on earth.
How many people will receive fur coats for Christmas and how many animals have to die for them?  And, those Ugg boots that everyone is raving about that are made of sheepskin and shearlings aka lambs.    Where would we be without cognitive dissonance?  If people actually knew that lobsters do feel pain, that turkeys and geese live miserable lives and suffer horribly when slaughtered and that Uggs were made of the tanned hides of lambs perhaps they would be merciful and allow these animals to live in peace.  But, it is much more comfortable and convenient to lull the public into thinking that no animals were harmed for their enjoyment.   Those of us who see past the smoke and mirrors are responsible to speak up for the innocent ones who have no voice.  If we don't do it, who will?  Certainly not the corporations who rely upon the ignorance of the public to fill their coffers with money.  

I do hope everyone who reads this will have a peaceful holiday or Christmas or whatever you choose to call it.  As long as it is cruelty free.

Ellie Israel

Ellie Israel has been an advocate for animal rights for many years and makes it a top priority in her life.  Her advocacy encompasses everything from vivisection to anti fur to circus cruelty. She approaches and handles each of these issues with diligence, thoroughness, conscientiousness and compassion.  She has been unwavering in her dedication to our animals for decades. 

Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 4:42 PM, 12.18.2013