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Fitness guru  - Mike Shiplett!

You are looking for a vegan/vegetarian breakfast that gives you a ramp of energy and fuels the start of your day? I have a perfect choice for you and before you grimace in dimensional horror, let me be the first to tell you that you will enjoy it. Oatmeal! Yes, that dreaded, boring word. Fear not, because oatmeal has a clean, great taste and it is your friend in every aspect of your health and wellness.

As a tennis player and a fitness guru, I enjoy and live as an oatmeal fan. I love it and I have embraced it as a part of my food plan. It is a quick, powerful meal that can satisfy. Oatmeal has carbohydrates for energy, and it is certainly low in fat. Eating oatmeal can lower your LDL which is your bad cholesterol. The Mayo Clinic recommends oatmeal as one of the top five foods to consume to improve your cholesterol numbers.

Oatmeal is a source of fiber. If you eat oatmeal for breakfast, you're going to feel full for a long time. Breakfast foods high in sugar and fat can make you feel full for a short time, but then the hunger sensations come crashing in when you don’t have time for them. Oatmeal will save you from these crashes.

If you are short on time and cannot prepare oatmeal for a sit down breakfast, try a blended oatmeal smoothie. It’s simple and quick and healthy. Try blending oats, fruit and ice, and you will experience how this can satisfy your hunger until lunch. Add some Almond milk and it becomes a party in a glass. There is no doubt you will enjoy your breakfast time.
The benefits of having breakfast are unquestionable. Your body was at rest all night and it needs fuel upon awakening. Coffee at the office is not a substitute for actually eating something to start your day. Your body needs this morning jump start and it requires something healthy. Oatmeal is a smart choice!

I have oatmeal every morning with some variation of fruit or berries. Blackberries are my favorite choice. I do not add sugars or sweeteners. Who needs that? Fruit is sweet and it is the perfect complement for oatmeal. Give it a try. I promise you will not turn back once you open the door to your health and fitness! Now about that tennis game…get out there and play – just do it - once you fuel up with a smart breakfast!

Mike Shiplett

Mike Shiplett: Tennis stud, surfer, Chris Isaak freak and So. Cali native AND our fitness guru! HHO wishes Mike all the best in California and thanks him for his continued and sincere support of this puplication. 

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 5:06 PM, 12.18.2013