Saving Lives Through Spay and Neuter



The Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project has been practicing TNR (trap, neuter, release) since its inception in April 2009. To date, the Project has assisted over 1,200 cats from the streets of North Collinwood, including Wildwood Marina, The Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park, the Euclid Beach pier, and Euclid Beach Villa Apartments. These numbers also reflect the spay and neutering of over 400 cats.

It is estimated that in the North Collinwood area of Ohio there are over 3,400 unaltered, free roaming cats . One female cat and her offspring can, theoretically, in the wild would likely be responsible for the creation of 98 other cats in seven years. Only 1 in 12 of those 98 cats finds a home. These are facts, and the work of The Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project is cutting down these statistics dramatically.

Click here: Key Scientific Studies on Trap-Neuter-Return - Alley Cat Allies

The primary focus of the Project is the historic Euclid Beach area where cats and kittens are routinely "dumped". EBFCP provides care and safe housing for over 100 now-healthy residents of the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park . EBFCP works closely with the Cleveland Animal Protective League to find homes for those friendly enough to be adopted. There are 17 feral cats that remain as permanent residents of Euclid Beach Lakefront near the old Euclid Beach pier and nearby Euclid Beach Villa apartments, who are strictly monitored and provided with food, shelter and medical care. The dedication of the two people who run EBFCP is overwhelming, constant and long-term. To care for our community cats with food, shelter and medical care is a 12-year commitment. The average life span of a feral cat is 10-12 years and there are no sanctuaries around town for feral cats.

It goes without saying that feral cats are not the problem; people are the problem dumping unaltered cats onto the streets. Overpopulation is a constant challenge and in an attempt to rectify this problem, EBFCP is offering 100 FREE spay or neuter procedures, including vaccines,in 2013 at the Pet Fix Clinic that opened in Euclid this spring.This program will cost EBFCP $5,000 in addition to the regular operating budget. EBFCP hopes that this clinic will assist low income residents as well as the elderly who may be unable to get to the Cleveland APL. This local, low-cost facility will make spay and neuter much more affordable and convenient for many cat owners. So far, EBFCP has S/N 70 cats in zip code 44110 & 44119. Hopefully by years end we will have S/N 100 cats.

In June, 2013, the State of Ohio and City of Cleveland gave stewardship of the lakefront to the Cleveland Metroparks. Euclid Beach is part of the Cleveland Metroparks project but they do not have a program to care for abandoned domestic animals. EBFCP's wish is to continue with its program of caring for the 17 feral cats, which reside at Euclid Beach, for the rest of their natural lives, while monitoring the area for any new cats and kittens abandoned at Euclid Beach. This is the ideal solution with no cost to Cleveland Metroparks. Without Brian and Ginger’s constant monitoring, the area’s numbers could revert back to those encountered four years ago when this project started and over 100 free roaming, sick, starving, shelter less cats reproduced, unabated. Right now, EBFCP has a verbal agreement with Cleveland Metroparks to continue the project, which is a win-win for the cats and the entire lakefront community.

EBFCPis an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization and receives no city or county funding. Our work depends entirely on the generous and compassionate support of people like you. Our gratitude to the individuals who support our efforts is truly heartfelt!Without the support of generous donors, this work would not be possible and many, many cats would reproduce, languish in pain without medical care, or die from exposure to the elements and lack of food.

Together, we can improve our Collinwood neighborhoods by helping our animals, our seniors, and each other. Each one of you is making that happen! Your caring is a powerful symbol of love, respect, and mercy. “IT FEELS GOOD TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.” We thank you for your compassion and support, and please visit the Project’s web site to view family photos and learn more about the work of the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project.

Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project invites you to support their project. It costs a lot money to feed, shelter, trap and transport, and to provide the necessary medical care.

 Please make a tax-deductible donation to Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project, and mail it to Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project, P.O. Box 19203 , Cleveland , OH 44119. EBFCP filed for 501(c)(3) status on 7/19/2013. EIN # 46-3324801.





Ginger Hannah

Ginger Hannah is co founder of the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project and has been saving the lives of feral cats for many years along with Brian Licht.  Their dedication to the project is tireless, and could not continue without the support of this community. 


Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 3:38 PM, 12.22.2013