Victory for Nitro!

Tom and Liz, founders of the Nitro Foundation had a long week.  Former Ohio residents, now residing in New York, have traveled, along with Nitro Foundation supporters, to Columbus twice in one week.  The purpose of these trips was to visit the Statehouse in Columbus and to get H.B. 90 on it's way to becoming a law.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:27 PM, 05.05.2013

Voices in the Dark

At Voices in the Dark Animal Rescue we dare to be a little different. We believe that given a little TLC any animal is adoptable. We are a no kill shelter in Cleveland, Ohio. Join and be a Voice today.   Mission: We will be the advocating voice for companion animals who have been neglected, abused, abandoned,forgotten, or surrendered. We will ensure forever amazing homes through education, collaboration, community outreach, intervention, and political reform. 

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:30 PM, 05.05.2013

Vegan Mac n Cheese

Who ever said macaroni and cheese is just for kids? This macaroni and cheese bake is simple to prepare and dressed to impress even for adult tastes.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:38 PM, 05.05.2013

The Bilingual Advantage

Studies conducted by Ellen Bialystok resulted in the following results.

Bilingualism helps forestall the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Two kinds of studies were conducted to reach this conclusion. In the first, published in 2004, it was found that normally aging bilinguals had better cognitive functioning than normally aging monolinguals.Bilingual older adults performed better than monolingual older adults on executive control tasks. That was very impressive because it didn’t have to be that way. It could have turned out that everybody just lost function equally as they got older.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:52 PM, 05.05.2013

Happy to be Healthy and Humane

Welcome, readers, to the inaugural edition of The Healthy and Humane Observer. We are the newest member of the established, successful Observer family of publications. Look for our free editions at many of your favorite vendors, restaurants, libraries and various other locations throughout Northeast Ohio. Our web site is:  Also visit and "like" our Facebook page

The Healthy and Humane Observer will be dedicated to promoting a healthier, more compassionate way of living through our diet and lifestyle choices. We will also be promoting the meaning of the true vegan: one who rejects the notion of animals as a commodity, embraces compassion and peace in the treatment of all beings, and chooses to live a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle. 

We will provide information relevant to our way of living. We will promote restaurants, groups, businesses, and activities that reflect our lifestyles - places and events we feel our readers would like to patronize.

Along with promoting a healthier more humane lifestyle, we are very pleased that we will be able to act as a forum for our many, dedicated, hardworking animal advocacy groups here in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. There are many individuals who have combined their knowledge and skills to form some very influential advocacy groups for our education.

We will also assist the many rescue, foster, shelter, and placement organizations that are located throughout Northeast Ohio. The dedicated volunteers of these groups, daily, save the lives of dozens of homeless, abused and neglected animals, and are in desperate need of support and assistance.

Like all Observer projects, The Healthy and Humane Observer belongs to us, to our community of readers. It is our paper, dedicated to our shared interests. All readers are encouraged to submit their articles, notices, information, questions, issues, etc., to

This paper is free, and will remain free, but in order to publish we do need partnership.  Please contact us to advertise your group, product or business.  Without partners we can not continue to "get the word out" on the topics so "near and dear" to us all.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 10:03 AM, 02.23.2013

GMOs - GM - NOs

Many of us have heard the term “GMO,” but how many of us actually know the true meaning of this term and all that it entails? 

A GMO, or Genetically Modified Organism, is an animal, plant or bacteria which has had its genetic make-up altered. Gene modification is designed to improve the quality and nutrition of the organism, and increase the maturation and yield, according to the Human Genome Project. Not everyone is convinced, however, that GMO foods are safe, claiming that they may cause harm to the environment and the health of the people who eat them. ( It is important to know which foods have been genetically modified so you can make an informed decision. The most commonly altered crops are soybeans, corn (in 2010, over 63% of corn was genetically modified), canola and potatoes. Rice, tomatoes and many other crops are now products of genetic modification as well. 

GMOs are created in the laboratory ( when scientists isolate genes that are responsible for certain traits in one plant and insert those genes into other plants, or add genes from non-plant organisms plants. One of the most common non-plant organisms utilized is the bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis, or B.t., which creates crystals toxic to insect larvae. One example that has made frequent headlines is the introduction, into plants, of bacterial genes to act as natural pesticides in order to eliminate the need for chemical pesticide use. There is public concern over the consequences of ingesting these pesticides ( that cannot be “washed off” as we attempt to do with sprayed, chemical pesticides. Fear of the unknown is another reason for the reluctance of the public to embrace the use GMOs. This concern has been validated whenever a specific case proves that technology has gone awry, and is widely publicized. Examples of this are the mass destruction of non-target insect populations ( like Monarch caterpillar larvae and honey bee populations by the use of genetically modified seeds. In addition, there are countless claims of toxicity ( and carcinogenicity ( of biotech foods, depending on the individual products.

Those opposed to GMOs have many valid points. Among them are the following. Safety is an issue including the danger of transference of allergens and antibiotic resistance markers to humans.  Threats to environmental safety are also to be considered such as unintended transference ( through cross-pollination, and the unknown effects on the insect population, soil, and the potential loss of flora and fauna biodiversity.  Domination ( by monopolizing companies such as Monsanto ( and DuPont, “bio-piracy,” and dependence on powerful countries by Third World countries ( are all concerns of those opposed to GMOs. World food production could potentially be controlled by just a few companies. The development of certain countries could be postponed or stunted because of their dependency on industrialized nations. There is also the concern regarding foreign exploitation of natural resources (biopiracy). The ethics of GMOs are also a huge concern for opponents. Do we violate the natural intrinsic makeup of organisms? Do we feel we are entitled to tamper with nature by mixing genes of other species? Should we produce “frankenfoods” ( simply because we can? And, what may this lead to? Will this lead to widespread animal or even human genetic tampering--cloning?( Where would we draw the line and at what cost-- monetarily and ethically? We must also wonder if any new advances will be ignored or skewed by the interests of the richer, more experienced GMO-producing nations.

Accurate labeling of GMO foods is an issue that we all need to be aware of, if we are to take responsibility for our most basic means of maintaining our health. Unfortunately, the battle is raging over the duty of companies, such as Monsanto, to make consumers aware of which products are genetically modified. This past election resulted in Monsanto defeating California’s request for mandatory product labeling. ( Many have asked, “Was Prop 37 defeated on the basis of scientific study, and was consumer welfare taken into account? Or did “big business” simply win again due to money and power?”  Currently, 29 states have formed a coalition to demand mandatory GMO labeling. ( ) Over one million Americans ( have united for a single cause, demanding that our government label our foods properly. 

Ohio’s own Dennis Kucinich has led the fight to demand that Monsanto label its genetically modified products.  Currently, many companies refuse to label GMO products for various reasons, including their dependency on monopolizing providers. This link provides a highly inclusive list ( of those companies.  The FDA ( set up some newer guidelines in regard to the labeling of GMOs, but mandatory labeling is not in place at this time. Ohio is one of the states that is a part of the coalition to demand mandatory labeling. If you would like information on GMOs or wish to join in the fight to demand to know what you are eating, please email for more information or to become involved. We need to become our own advocates for safe health and environmental preservation.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 10:04 AM, 02.23.2013

The VegFest is Coming!

Excitement is mounting over the much-anticipated arrival of Cleveland’s own VegFest. ( This monumental event will take place June 1, 2013 on the Cleveland State University Campus. Anyone interested in a healthier diet, a sustainable planet, and a compassionate lifestyle are encouraged to attend, and are promised an educational, enjoyable event.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 8:23 AM, 03.14.2013

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

PCRM is the Physician's Committee for

These are our goals and accomplishments:

  • PCRM has led the way for reforms of federal nutrition policies.
  • Our clinical research programs are breaking new ground in diabetes, cancer, and other serious conditions.
  • PCRM’s Cancer Project has provided vital information to tens of thousands of people.
  • The New Four Food Groups is PCRM’s innovative proposal for a federal nutrition policy that puts a new priority on health.

Our public service announcement series features medical experts on prevention and health

Responsible Medicine. 

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 9:28 AM, 03.14.2013

Badges for Bullies

Within Cleveland you will find a group of very dedicated, hard working police officers.  ON duty they help to protect us and save lives.  OFF duty these altruistic, generous officers help another group in need - animals.  

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 11:46 AM, 03.14.2013